About us

Neeks Fashion

Neeks is a Fashion Brand and a Business in the design industry as well as with other diversified modules of business both locally and internationally. Neeks Fashion is owned by a Sierra Leonean entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ishmael Brima Koroma who has dedicated his time to growing the business as a means of funding charity organizations in his home country.

It has emerged from the passion and love for creativity in fashion as well as a way of the CEO Ishmael Korona to express himself and his passions. Neeks Fashion launched it’s latest collection on January 24th, 2023 offering multiple collections of Men and women products like Unisex and Oversize T shirts,sweatshirts and hoodies, Women’s Crop tops , Men’s casual T shirts and shorts.The brand offers high quality products which are affordable quality clothing for its customers. Some of the special features like double stitching with reinforced seams at shoulder, sleeve, collar and waist for extra durability and it is also designed with soft and breathable material for added stretch and ease of movement.

The brand and fashion styles can be found, purchased through our online store at affordable quality clothing for its customers.